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March 03, 2021
Emergency Aid

Emergency Aid

In these times of pervasive conflicts of every kind as well as rising numbers of natural disasters with unprecedented levels of destruction and casualties, the victims invariably are the common masses. In such dire circumstances, it is imperative that some members of the civil society commit themselves to deliver emergency relief by providing life’s basic necessities like food, healthcare & shelter, thereby alleviating the existential predicaments of the unfortunate victims. Moreover, it is a vital social responsibility to strive to rehabilitate the victims of civil strife or natural calamities by mobilizing resources for construction programs as well as to provide sustainable & practical economic solutions to mitigate the impact of calamities.

The teachings of Islam dictate that in such humanitarian crises believers must strive to selflessly serve the people regardless of race, religion, region or gender with a spirit of compassionate fellow-feeling. Every Muslim is morally obliged to earnestly respond to the heart rendering calls of the victims & help them overcome the suffering endured due to unexpected catastrophes.

Rescue Efforts & Economic Aid to Victims of Natural Calamities & Violence

Islam is a universal message of compassion and solidarity. All Muslims are expected to voluntarily assist in relief & rescue efforts to save victims of earthquakes and other natural disasters. It is the duty of every Muslim to extend economic aid to all those afflicted by such tragedies. A deep sense of mutual co-operation and fellow-feeling must overwhelm every believer in such critical times when people are devastated by disasters.

Violence and communal riots leave many orphaned, widowed, homeless & destitute. Many of the displaced people are forced to take refuge in relief camps in cramped conditions with poor sanitary facilities. They are dependent on outside assistance to cover their elementary needs such as food, shelter and basic medical assistance. The believers are commanded to stretch their hands with help to all those in such dire need regardless of their faith or race.

The Rahman foundation reaches out to render the survivors of natural calamities, all forms of possible physical, financial and psychological support. We, with the help of Allah (swt) provide emergency relief to alleviate the suffering of the victims of communal strife and help vulnerable & traumatised people recover from their shattering ordeal.

Rahman Foundation Team at the site of devastating fires in hutments atLucknow

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