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April 11, 2021
Care & Financial Aid for the Destitute

Care & Financial Aid for the Destitute

Supporting the poor, the widows & the orphans is a religious duty binding on all Muslims. Rehabilitation of widows & orphans is considered to be repayment of society's debt & an expression of gratitude towards our Almighty Creator. Prophet Muhammad said: "I and the custodian of an orphan are like this (together) in Paradise", and he joined his forefinger and middle finger together. (Bukhari) Moreover, the Quran admonishes the negligent in no uncertain terms, “Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense? For that is the one who drives away the orphan And does not encourage the feeding of the poor So woe to those who pray. [But] who are heedless of their prayer - Those who make show [of their deeds] And withhold [simple] assistance. (Surah Ma’un 107:1-7)

Therefore caring for the needy is a pre-requisite for our ultimate salvation in the hereafter. Whether it is providing economic aid in emergency situations & relief to victims of violence and natural disasters or financial support for deserving students or spiritual succor to the psychologically distressed or helping alleviate the suffering of the elderly – it is all a moral and religious obligation upon all Muslims.

Widow Pensions

Out of all the calamities that can befall a woman, widowhood is perhaps the worst. Islam sets out to redress her lot with a firm hand. Widows in our society live in dire conditions with hardly any means of sustenance, with no aid to support them or their children. Many of them are in need of funding to set up safe, sheltered & sustainable vocations like sewing, cooking etc. so as to enable them to sustain themselves and their families.

If the civil society doesn’t come forward to alleviate their agonies, they often fall victims to the nefarious intentions of the ruffians & anti-social elements of the decadent contemporary society. Our beloved Prophet said, “He who looks after a widow and a needy person is like the one who strives for the cause of Allah or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night (Bukhari)”.

A beneficiary Ms.Shahidunnisa

Rahman Foundation provides a monthly pension to the needy and the elderly widows for their livelihood. It seeks to ameliorate their economic woes & emotional anguish by providing them with monetary aid as well as tacit psychosomatic counseling

Miscellaneous Aid for the Disadvantaged

The mind boggling statistics of deprivation & afflictions in the contemporary world are heart rendering indeed.

More than 140 million children are orphans across the globe.

More than 1 billion people around the world are living in hunger.

More than 1 billion people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water.

More than 2 billion people worldwide do not have basic sanitation or medical facilities.

Blankets being distributed in the winter by Mr. Pullik Shinare,  Sarpanch of Mamdapur at Khanqah NaqshbandiaMujaddidia, Mamdapur, Neral

It is the obligation of every believer to contribute to the upliftment of the marginalized & deprived members of our society. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh), said: "He who does not have mercy upon people, Allah's mercy will be kept from him." Anyone upon whom Allah bestowed His grace and who sees another brother in humanity - hungry, in need of clothes and miserable, and still does not help him, he will indeed, deprive himself of Allah's mercy. However, our beloved Prophet also proclaimed that, “Charity puts out sins as water puts out fire.”

Rahman Foundation with the grace of Allah (swt) provides economic assistance to the underprivileged to meet their various needs ranging from supporting the marriage of poor girls to providing sustenance & shelter to the deprived members of our society.

Scholarships for the Underprivileged

The history of our civilization is replete with incredible instances of the journey of scholarship of illustrious luminaries across racial, regional & financial barriers. Education throughout our rich history was a domain largely unfettered with the restrictions of pecuniary demands.

Rahman Foundation has made a humble attempt to revive this non-discriminatory legacy in this age of rampant commodification of education. The foundation supports poor meritorious students by awarding them scholarships to pursue higher studies.

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