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April 12, 2021
Madrasa Dar-e-Arqam

Muhammad (pbuh) used to care for orphans and he used to ask his blessed companions to protect them and to treat them well.


Ibn Majah (ra) also narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira (ra) that Prophet Muhammad said: "The best Muslim house is a house in which an orphan is well treated; and the worst Muslim house is a house in which an orphan is badly treated."


Jame-Masjid of Jahangirabad, a small town situated about 35kms away from Lucknow, was deserted for years and in 1987 idols were placed in its premises. This masjid by the grace of Allah was reinstated soon and ever since maintained by Rahman Foundation.


Today, this masjid houses Dare Arqam - a madrasa run under the flag of Rahman Foundation. In this madrasa 126 students are pursuing Quranic Studies with boarding and lodging facilities where majority of the students are either orphans or from poor family background. So far 66 students, blessed with the wealth of Quran, have passed out from it.

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