March 29, 2017
Spiritual Center

“Verily, He Who Has Purified The Heart Is Successful And He Who Has Despoiled It Has Lost.” (Al-Quran)

Tasawwuf is a branch of Islamic knowledge which focuses on the spiritual development of the Muslim. The goal of Tasawwuf is complete submission to the Shariah and Sunnah in order to attain purification of the heart and soul and to develop a true, deep and lasting connection with Allah.

Maulana Sajjad Nomani is a qualified spiritual guide, authorized by the Mashayakh of Chishti and Naqshbandi Mujaddidi school of ilm-ul-ihsan to carry out spiritual guidance. On the authorization of Peer Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi Mujaddidi he established a spiritual centre “Khanqah Naqshbandiya Mujaddidiya” at Mamdapur in Raigadh District of Maharashtra State. Thousands of people flock to this spiritual center and thousands others log on to the internet to listen to his live speeches. This center seeks to revive the moral & spiritual essence of the community by establishing fruitful & time-tested teacher-student relationships.


A view of the monthly gathering at theKhanqah Naqshbnandiya Mujaddidiya, Neral, Maharashtra

One of the primary purposes of the establishment of the Khanqah – a spiritual center is to convey the message of love and tolerance, Islamic monotheism, compassion, sincerity, truth, contemplation, social service, gratefulness, fear of Allah, hope, abstention, and trust.

It is a spiritual avenue to cure our sick, hardened souls & democratized minds of the moral decadence due to the diseases of consumerism, materialistic attachment, impatience, intolerance, cowardice, self-aggrandizement, egocentricity, pride, arrogance, desire for recognition, jealousy, malice, schadenfreude, back-biting, gossiping, anger, ungratefulness, dishonesty, selfishness, regionalism, racism, sectarianism, artificiality, insincerity, manipulative behavior, fake humility, hypocrisy, aggressiveness, nepotism, lethargy, carelessness, indiscretion, profligacy, jingoism, emotional instability, inability to introspect, incapability to accept even justified correction, incapacity to earnestly weep in front of our lord, superficial belief in the attributes of Allah, forgetfulness of death, forgetfulness of the day of judgment, shallow & spiritless ibadaat, inability to respect and abide by the wisdom & guidance of our insightful & wise elders and the true men of knowledge & a sense of helplessness to control our sight in the face of the all-encompassing bombardment of the temptations on display.

Set-up in the refreshing natural background of Mamdapur, Neral, it functions not only as a spiritual rehabilitation center but also as the fountain spring of revolutionary, constructive & integrated educational reforms.

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