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March 03, 2021
Dars e Tafseer

The Qur’an is the final, absolute & immutable word of Allah revealed to mankind which will be valid & relevant till the end of time.  It has an essence and spirit which when understood & implemented properly, has the potential to change the world.  This is precisely what happened with the companions of the Prophet (saws) and the early Muslims. They were devoted men of constructive action who lived the Qur'an considering it to be a direct guidance from their creator in every aspect of life. They perceived Qur’an as a real & applicable message from Allah and molded their lives according to its principles and the result was spiritual & civilizational achievements which the world never witnessed before or after.

 However, we have come a long way from those days of glory. Today, Muslims in general just have a token or superficial belief in the Quran. We devote the better part of our lives in acquiring temporal knowledge & furthering our careers. But struggle to find time for reciting & contemplating on the Quran. Most of us are cut off from our history, our culture, & the language of the Quran. As a result we simply drift along in life without any conscious sense of ultimate purpose or an eventual destination. Our lives have become devoid of meaning, a muddle of conflict, reactions, anxiety, aimlessness, desires and spiritual emptiness. We lack the ability to think critically about the circumstances of our own lives as well as that of the world at large. Infact, humanity as a whole is grappling with problems in every sphere – spiritual, moral, economic, educational & social.


 The Quran provides the solutions for our individual as well as collective predicaments. It is an instruction manual of checks and balances, for the formation of an equitable society & a prescription for the internal diseases of human beings. The Quran coaxes us to see, to hear, to ponder, to explore, to understand innumerable times. We are repeatedly encouraged to reflect on its verses, absorb its meaning & purify our thoughts and mold our conduct according to the divine commandments. The Quran proclaims, “O mankind! There hath come to you a direction from your lord and a healing for the (diseases) in your hearts, and for those who believe - guidance and a mercy.” (Surah Yunus : 57)


 It is a book of profound essence which should continuously illuminate our life & inspire us in all situations & for all people – a mother, a father, a child, a teacher, a scholar, an engineer, a doctor, a laborer, a policy-maker or an administrator, irrespective of whether we are poor or rich, young or old and black, white or brown. It is the means through which we can recognize Allah and establish a living and continuous relationship with Him and beseech Him to shower His guidance, mercy & forgiveness on us. It is an expression of the love & mercy of Almighty Allah for the whole of mankind. Reciting the Quran & reflecting on its message, is a cure for our ailing hearts struggling under the onslaught of trials, calamities & our base desires. It is therefore incumbent on all Muslims to atleast learn enough Arabic which will enable us to connect with the guidance of Allah whenever we recite the Quran whether in Salah or otherwise.


 But, to realize its profound depth we need to submit ourselves in complete humbleness to the Almighty & acquire its authentic knowledge and understanding from genuine scholars & our pious predecessors, instead of relying on our own personal and often corrupted comprehension. History confirms the tremendous havoc caused by some of the misguided youth (Khawarij) who relied on their own deficient understanding of the divine revelation over and above the understanding of luminaries like Hazrat Ali (ra). Therefore the value of guidance & companionship with learned scholars cannot be overstated for the Quranic training & reformation of the masses. Moreover, in the modern atmosphere of moral decadence, materialism, misinterpretation & distortions coupled with incessant attacks on Islam, the Quran and the holy Prophet, it is critically important to have Dars e Quran sessions conducted by the authentic Ulama in every mosque of every locality. To fulfill this pressing need one of the most eminent scholars of our era, Shaikh Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nomani periodically delivers sermons expounding the guidance of the Quran in the context of contemporary circumstances.

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