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April 11, 2021

These are the intended plans & objectives which cannot materialize and be successful without the blessing and support of Allah. The need for these endeavors has long been felt by the elites as well as the common people of the Ummah. The fact that this need is feverishly knocking on the hearts of the Muslims is a clear indication that Allah in His infinite wisdom has destined this effort to reach its preordained goals. Therefore the envisaged objectives shall, inshallah, inevitably reach their fruition.

The call to direct the hearts of the people to expend their wealth, time and skills for this noble cause is essentially an invitation for them to obtain reward from Allah. Being associated with the cause of Deen is the only means for the welfare and salvation of the Muslims. A moment’s procrastination or negligence has the potential to delay decisions for centuries.

Therefore, it is the right of this campaign to demand from the Ummah, support & courage to step forward to devote all the requisite resources - financial, vocal, expertise & above all courage, conviction & commitment towards the cause. The environment of our milieu is permeating with a definite call for & a palpable anticipation of a profound and far-reaching positive transformation. Throughout the flow of History, every now and then, the collective conscience of the Ummah becomes rife with a definite disposition to awaken the Ummah for constructive reform so as to enable it to undertake its deserved role of the leadership of the world. Thus-

  • Those who fervently make Dua should give this cause a pride of place in their supplications.
  • The men of letters should promote the cause by the written word.
  • Those who have a zealously beating heart should lend its warmth by its passionate throbbing.
  • Those who are endowed with managerial skills should lend their expertise for the campaign.
  • Those who are gifted with a keen sense of observation should offer their reflective insights for the sake of the movement.
  • The magnanimous among us should present their valued wealth for this worthy endeavor.

For Construction related donations, please Donate at below mention account

Account Name= Rahman Foundation

Account Number= 37800100001737

Bank Name= Bank Of Baroda Branch Neral


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