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March 03, 2021
What is Infaaq?

Whatis Infaaq?

ALLAH (Swt) is HE, who is the possessor of everything. HE is the one who gives and HE is the one who takes. Among the wisdoms of ALLAH (Swt), it is a great wisdom that HE made his beings that are in various needs, dependent on the ones whom ALLAH has bestowed His bounties. This action of fulfilling the dependency of various needs has been commanded by ALLAH (Swt) as ‘Infaaq’. This element of ‘Infaaq’ considers all the bounties from ALLAH (Swt), but primarily the wealth.

Most of the places in the Quran when ALLAH speaks about ‘Infaaq’, HE mentions, (O People who Believe! Spend in Allah's cause, from what We have provided you…). The experts of Quran explain that, when ALLAH (Swt) mentions “O People who Believe..”, and then HE commands us for something. This is a very special way of ALLAH (Swt) to draw the attentions of the believers, that this command is a very essential element in fulfilling the conditions of the faith. In other words HE (Swt) intends to convey us a message that, O believers, if you really believe in ME then fulfill what has been prescribed.

ALLAH (Swt) has clearly mentioned in various places in the Holy Book Quran, to give the wealth in his cause from whatever ALLAH has bestowed on an individual. It is a great misconception among today’s Muslim that only Zakath is the obligatory element, and other spending is optional. The reason behind this perception is due to incorrect understanding that the entire possessions of an individual is for his use. Islamic jurisprudence prescribes various rulings for an individual to be qualified for paying Zakath, whereas Quran didn’t specify any conditions for the qualification for ‘Infaaq’. Therefore, it is obligatory on every individual to give from his possessions as per the needs that ALLAH brings to his attention.

Infaaq in the Holy Quran



In the context of Guidance that is sought by every Muslim from ALLAH (Swt) in the daily prayers. In the very beginning verses of Surah Baqarah (2: 2 - 5), ALLAH (Swt) prescribes the characteristics of the people who have been guided. It is explained in the following illustration.


In the same Surah Baqarah verse number 177, ALLAH (Swt) sketches a detailed description of actual righteousness. HE says, “Righteousness is not (merely) that you turn your faces to the East and the West; but righteousness is that one believes in Allah and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the Prophets, and gives wealth, despite (his) love for it, to relatives, and to orphans, the helpless, the wayfarer, and to those who ask, and (spends) in (freeing) slaves and observes the Salah (prayers) and pays Zakath and (the act of) those who fulfill their covenant when they enter into a covenant, and, of course, those who are patient in hardship and suffering and when in battle! Those are the ones who are truthful, and those are the God-fearing.”


An illustration for the description of God-Fearing:


ALLAH (Swt) clearly outlines 6 major elements of the real inward righteous and God fearing people. HE clearly negates the vision of outward actions that are termed as righteousness. In the current context of ‘Infaaq’, this verse clearly identifies two main elements

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